Pilates in English

Core Strenght - Core Stability - Mind-Body exercise

The main focus of Pilates is on your core muscles. It's a safe and sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best. It teaches body awareness and good posture. Pilates also improves flexibility and can help alleviate back pain.

No matter your age or condition, it will work for you!

Pilates class (intermediate level) on wednesdays 19:30 - 20:30

Welcome, men and women! This class is for all fitness levels. Basic, efficient pilates exercises for getting a strong core and healthy back.

The class instructor is Rafael Nybergh-Torres. Easy-to-follow instructions.

Rafael is a certified Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer. He has seven years of experience teaching pilates in Spain and Canada.

Location: Pilates Studio Turku, Puutarhakatu 49, Turku.

Please book in advance, all our classes are minigroups (maximum 12 person/class).

Contact: satu.suominen@hyvinvointiturku.fi, 050 3043804